A selection of the projects we’ve completed over the decades. Some of these are projects on which we served as the General Contractor, others are where we delivered on General Trades requirements. In either case, we are proud of the contributions we’ve made to these construction projects.



We know “Under Construction” means “Not Open For Business”

As a business owner, every day your business is closed or unopened, it costs you. Whether it is daily revenue, the loss of customer loyalty or potential for future earnings, delays in commercial construction or commercial remodelling can impact your success.

That’s why when we agree to complete your apartment building, office space, restaurant, or shopping mall, build or remodel by a certain date, we mean it.


We treat Your Home like it were Our Home. Because it is.

Be it a multi-unit residential complex or single family home, during the time we’re building a new house, remodeling or constructing an addition, we treat each and every Residential Construction project as our home away from home.



Bringing more Control to State and City Construction Projects

The budgets for school, library, town hall and fire station construction come from taxpayers. As residents of a small town, we realize Municipal Construction Projects like these mean a lot to the communities in which they are built.

These types of projects are grand in scale, have extended construction scopes and involve a number of managers orchestrating a variety of construction trades over the course of intricate timelines.


Institutional Construction Projects that are Built to Last

Most people think of Institutional Construction as sizable, somewhat sterile buildings with little personality that merely serve a purpose. When we think of these projects – the schools, universities, churches and nursing homes in our community – we first think of people.