Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station, a high-end 26 story apartment building and retail space located in Stamford, CT, is a perfect representation of the ideal type of project for the team at Total Interiors.

Begun as a two-phase project in late 2016, Total Interiors was brought in to do all the metal framing, drywall, insulation and seam taping on 130 units of varying size and configuration. One of the challenges with this project was doing this work as units were marketed, sold and then occupied.

“One of the complicating factors we were advised of when we started this job was that people would be on the property viewing apartments and, eventually, occupying them. For us, we’re sort of used to wrapping things up at day’s end – it’s just how we work. So we weren’t really bothered by this aspect of the job,” said Total Interiors project manager Dan Smith.

This project is very representative of the types of projects Total Interiors has been taking on in recent years: large, long-term construction jobs which require significant planning for manpower and equipment. And while they worked as General Trades subcontractors on Atlantic Station, more and more often Total Interiors serves as either General Contractor or, in some cases, Project Developer for these large-scale projects. “Our company has gone through a few incarnations since we opened the doors more than two decades ago,” said Total Interiors owner John Castlevetro. “Atlantic Station is a big and varied project with lots of challenges – just the sort of thing the team here likes to sink their teeth into.”

Atlantic Station, which has become known for high-end amenities, contemporary details and hand-selected finish materials, features 9’ ceilings and abundant light through floor-to-ceiling windows. This also meant for some dramatic sunrises and sunsets for the Total Interiors crew.

“There were long hours on this job but one of the rewards was catching some pretty amazing sunrises over Long Island Sound through those huge windows in the early mornings. As we got down to the wire in knocking out the punch list, we also got to see some dramatic sunsets as well,” said Kevin Swanson, another Total Interiors project manager.

To learn more about the Atlantic Station project, or Total Interior’s capabilities in Trade Services or as a General Contractor, contact us today.

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